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You’re going to drive the rental car, so you _____________ bring your driver’s license.

Complete the conversation with “be going to’ or ‘will’.

A: When they their vacation this year? (take) B: I think they on a cruise in June or July. (go)

You must _____ a vaccination if you go to some countries.

We shouldn’t forget to bring ________ for buying gifts.

You’d better not _____ out alone late at night.

You must take your _______ when you go to another country.

We ___________ make our plane reservations right away! It will be hard to find cheap flights later this month.

She needs to get new __________ before she goes backpacking next week.

Complete the conversation. Write be going to or will.

A: What you after class today? (do) B: I’m definitely a movie with a friend. (see)

You have _______ an airport tax.

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