The Speaking Club – Online

The Speaking Club

What is the Speaking Club? It is an encounter where you can practice your English skills with others by using prior knowledge you have and getting together to practice. We gather for an hour a week online and from time to time in person.

In this Conversational environment, we will focus on pushing your Speaking skills to the limit by having you engage with others in a friendly, bullying-free surrounding, using the Communicative Approach to ensure you exploit those skills in each encounter.


Week 2 - Valentine's day

History of Valentine’s day

History channel shows us the history and origins of Valentine's day.

History of Valentine’s day – More info
5 min

Learn about Valentine's Day traditions and history. Read along with this Valentine's Day story and understand the true meaning of Valentine's Day.

Cupid and Valentine
10 min

From the origins of the box of chocolates to the evolution of Cupid, discover 7 little known facts about Valentine's day, in this episode of History Channel

Vocabulary and more on Valentine’s
10 min

Read and practice these vocabulary set about Valentine's day.

Week 3 - Crime

Crime – A vocabulary video
12 min

You'll learn about five common crimes and five types of theft. You'll also learn what to call the people who commit these crimes.

Crime – How to speak about crime
8 mins

Learn about types of crime and punishments.

Week 5 - Women's day

International Women’s day – What is is
8 min

International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on March 8 – but why is this day important? What does the day signify? This Miniclip explores the origins of women’s suffrage throughout the United Kingdom’s modern history

International Women’s day – Riddle
6 min

Is gender equality in the workplace still an issue? We ran an experiment with 22 people, all trying to solve the same riddle, and recorded their surprised responses.

International Women’s day – General Ideas
6 min

March 8 is International Women’s Day, the day where we celebrate our sisters, mothers, aunties and best friends all around the world. But, what exactly is Women’s Day and how did it start?

International Women’s day – 2022
5 min

This International Women's Day, CARE celebrates the generations of women who have inspired us, taught us, and moved us to change the world

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Duration: 12 weeks
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Level: Intermediate